How to use a bumpit for hair puff without teasing the hair

Today let’s make some hairstyle using bumpits. Bumpits are hair accessories to give a puff to your hair that gives a sophisticated look on you.
We will see how to place a bumpit on hair, make different hairstyles and how to remove it from the hair.
Initially comb the hair and take out all the knots. Smooth it out with your hands.
Now separate the bangs.
Take the crown section of the hair and separate them with rest of the hair.
I’m going to clip it so that i don’t have to go through the whole process again.
These are the bumpits. There is something like a Velcro at the centre. The outer part is sponge and soft. I have 2 of them one large and one small.
Initially let’s start with the large ones. We need some bobby pins to secure it on hair.

Remove the hairclip and place the bigger bumpit at the partition of hair and press it gently to stay in place. The Velcro will do the rest.
Rest the hair over the bumpit. Secure it with bobby pins.
These are very useful if you do not want to tease your hair to puff it.
Now we are ready for different styling of hair.
Leave your hair open and accessories it with some hairclip and hairband.

Smooth out the hair and add a hair rubber band to it if you want your hair to be tired.

For the second hairstyle, remove the hair rubber-band. Bring all the hair on the back and make it into a high bun.
Add some flowers on the side for an elegant look.
This is the close up of the look.

To remove the bumbit, just brush your hair and take it from the side gently. Yes, it is difficult for long hair to remove the bumpit , however, for short hair, it will come out very easily just like a comb.

Now let’s see how to use a smaller bumpit.
Ok, my hair is all messy. I will comb my hair a bit. We will place the smaller bumpit on the front section of the hair. So if you have bangs, just gather them all. If no, then just take a front section of the hair and separate it from rest of the hair.
Place the bumpit were you want your puff to be.
Gather the hair and rest rest of the hair on the bumpit on the back. The hair will get stuck to it very easily and you will get an elegant puff.
Secure it with bobby pins.
Now we are ready for some cool hairstyles.
I will show you one that i do the most while i go out for an Indian wedding.
Gather all the hair on the back and make a 3 braided hair.
So this is the finished look.
Just continue with this hairstyle by removing the hair rubber band and tie it into a bun braid on the back.
Secure it with some beautiful hairclips.
This is the complete look.

To remove the bumpit, remove the hairclips, separate the hair, and take it out like an hair brush. For me the front bumpit came out very easily because here my hair was short unlike the previous one.

So you see it’s very easy to do hairstyles with the help of little accessories. And keep experimenting.

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