French twist using chopstick for very long hair

How to do French twist for super long hair. This is a requested video by the viewers.
Take out all the knots and tangles from your hair.
Bring all hair on the back.
Hold the hair strand with right hand. Use the left hand by twisting the hair and bringing it out.
Leave a small portion of the hair if your hair is very long. Otherwise, you can twist all the hair on your left hand.
Now make two loops on the top portion of the twist.
With the help of a chopstick, insert it in one loop, and bring it out from the other loop.
With your hand smooth out the French twist.
For the remaining hair, twist the hair into a rope, roll it and tuck it inside the French twist and hide it. The hair will stay in the twist because the French twist is tight and is well secured with the chopstick.
You can do a French twist with a claw clip and bobby pins as well to secure the hair. However, this video is exclusively making use of the chopstick; i will not be using any of them.
There you have it. A quick and elegant French twist.

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